Are you ready?

Gain deliverance from sexual sin in SEVEN days!

  • 7 Days: January 1st - January 7th
  • Learn HOW to flee pornography and masturbation and overcome lustful thoughts
  • Break FREE from guilt, condemnation, and shame
  • EMBRACE a holistic lifestyle of purity
  • GAIN a community of support and accountability with like-minded women
  • DEVELOP a strong, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ

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    “Restoration and strength. My Redeemer never left my side, even when I was in my mess. He walked me through with grace. I started the fast on Sunday and finished it on Saturday (I didn’t want to cheat myself let alone miss out on what God was doing in the 7 days). I received instruction and guidance. I received deliverance and am still on my journey. These are just a few of the many things I received on this fast.”

    Stevee S.

    WHO AM I?

    Hey there, I am Erica N. Williams. I am a Purity Coach, author, and founder of Journey to Purity®, a trademarked brand that equips you with the tools and resources necessary to pursue purity and holiness in every area of life. I have been abstinent for over 11 years and have been coaching professionally for the last seven years.


    I created the Sexual Purity Challenge because I struggled with sexual sin. Specifically, pornography, masturbation, and oral sex. With God's help, I overcame these sexual strongholds and developed The Sexual Purity Challenge.

    I found that as I surrendered to God's will and spent intentional time in His presence through prayer, fasting, reading God's Word, and writing, I received deliverance.

    All things are possible with God. When you partner with the Holy Spirit and learn the principles I teach in this challenge, you can overcome temptation and experience true freedom and victory in your life (cause that's how I did it).

    In this challenge, you will receive daily prayers, scriptures, and writing prompts to not only learn how to overcome sexual strongholds but remain free!

    Disclaimer - Several factors contribute to one's success - willingness, tenacity, consistency, vulnerability, passion, etc. That said, I can't predict or guarantee why it is that one person finds success and others struggle. My mission is to provide tools and direction in hopes you will find yours.