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Gain deliverance from sexual sin in SEVEN days!

  • 7 Days: April 1st - April 7th
  • Learn HOW to flee pornography and masturbation and overcome lustful thoughts
  • Break FREE from guilt, condemnation, and shame
  • EMBRACE a holistic lifestyle of purity
  • GAIN a community of support and accountability with like-minded women
  • DEVELOP a strong, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ

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    “Restoration and strength. My Redeemer never left my side, even when I was in my mess. He walked me through with grace. I started the fast on Sunday and finished it on Saturday (I didn’t want to cheat myself let alone miss out on what God was doing in the 7 days). I received instruction and guidance. I received deliverance and am still on my journey. These are just a few of the many things I received on this fast.”

    Stevee S.

    WHO AM I?

    Hey there, I am Erica N. Williams Benjamin. I am a Purity Coach, author, and founder of Journey to Purity®, a trademarked brand that equips Christian women with the tools and resources necessary to pursue purity and holiness in every area of life. I was abstinent for over 11 years before I got married in May 2023. I have been coaching professionally for the last eight years.


    "The Sexual Purity Challenge is a solution designed for women who are struggling with sexual sin. It is a program that provides guidance and support from God's perspective. Prayer, fasting, reading God's Word, and writing are the pillars of this program that offer deliverance from sexual strongholds.

    Surrendering to God's will is key to achieving freedom in this journey. Through the teachings of The Sexual Purity Challenge, you will learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit to overcome temptation. You will discover that all things are possible with God and that victory and freedom are available.

    By joining this free challenge, you will gain access to a private group for teachings, prayers, discussions, and daily devotionals. These tools will facilitate your understanding of the program's principles and support your progress towards sexual purity. Give yourself the chance to experience true freedom. Join the Sexual Purity Challenge today!


    "Man, God truly did drop some scales off my eyes. He refocused my attention to the spiritual realm and the spiritual warfare that is taken place. I truly feel like I've entered into the new dimension I've been praying about. God truly responds to obedience." - Tavana B.
    "I learned to have a deeper relationship with God, that He can help me with any temptation, and that with Him I am stronger than I thought." - Katherine S.
    "Great! I feel like all this weight is off my shoulders. Wish I would have did it sooner. Grateful for the JTP community." - Regina M.
    "I now love to study the Word. I love talking to God about every slight discomfort I felt. I love listening to word He says to me as I read His book." - Merit D.
    "I came to a place of surrender with Christ and He showed me that I am not alone on my journey to purity. I was able to have my head cleared of unhealthy thought patterns by taking away things that appealed to my flesh." - Madeleine A.
    "I completed the fast and deepened my knowledge and understanding of purity—holistic purity. I'm very content and look forward to growing closer to Jesus." - Josephine W.